About me

Photographer, Artist & Traveller

I am ~ Jason Zhang ~

I lied to mom about spending $220 on my first camera just because I wanted to try the long exposure technique.

And this is how it all started…

Digging through all the free books and watching countless episodes from YouTube, I sought my way of learning shooting and defining my perspective of Photography- It is simply capturing that very moment of the story.

Four years ago, I knew it was a good investment to bid on that camera from eBay; I knew photography would become a part of my life.

I used to walk around my city, New York, with a Canon DSLR like a tourist. But now, you may find me riding on a bike in my second home, Syracuse. It is where I begin another chapter of my life~

Again, I thank you all for visiting my site and I will keep it updated!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach me through the “Contact” page or email me directly to zuxingz@gmail.com.

Thank you!!!



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